Transportation: Current Legal Issues

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Coordination of Paulo Roberto Coimbra Silva




Coordination of Paulo Roberto Coimbra Silva
Published in 2008, Portuguese only
374 pages, 17 essays
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Finishing: Brochure
Edition: 1/2008
Portuguese language
Country of Origin: Brazil
Number of Pages: 374
ISBN: 978-85-98848-92-1


Dear Reader,

It is with sincere satisfaction that, as President of ALAE – Business Law Alliance – I have the honor to introduce you to this work. Transport: current legal issues, the second book produced by ALAE is launched at a very propitious time, when our Alliance completes five years of life and is established as the largest and most solid association of law firms in Brazil, differing from other Competitors for a number of reasons demonstrated over the years, the main focus being the commitment of each Allied Office to clients and colleagues. In fact, the twenty offices that today are part of ALAE are absolutely aligned with regard to technology and service, providing adequate satisfaction to our various clients at the national level. This book, which contains chapters written by lawyers that make up the offices that make up the ALAE, is a good example of how up-to-date these professionals are, specifically in what concerns a sector that is developing in the country, that is, transportation. Frequently identified as one of the main obstacles to the country's growth, the transport sector demands investment, regulatory improvement and legal security. These themes, and many others, are treated by the authors of this collective book in chapters that stand out mainly from the pragmatic approach, fruit of each one experiencing concrete problems, not forgetting the most modern doctrine on the subject. Thus, more than a theoretical book dedicated to the Law, our intention, in offering this work, is to share with the reader concrete experiences, lived in the day-to-day of the Allied Offices, and present adequate solutions to the problems pointed out. Thus, we reaffirm our commitment to those who represent ALAE's greatest asset, and to whom this effort is directed: our clients and partners. Finally, I can not fail to express a special thank you to the friend and professor Paulo Coimbra, eminent Director of ALAE and responsible for editing and publishing this book. Without his dedication, none of this would be possible. Good Reading! A Hug,
Luiz Gustavo A. S. Bichara

President of ALAE
Coordinator: Paulo Roberto Coimbra Silva


Organized by Paulo Roberto Coimbra Silva