Alae holds international seminar in São Paulo, has its 3rd 2012 meeting, and admits new ally

In November 8th, 2012, ALAE held the seminar “INVESTMENTS IN LATIN AMERICA: OPPORTUNITIES AND LEGAL ENVIRONMENT”, driven to Brazilian companies that have or that intend to have business in Latin American countries.

On the seminar’s first session the six foreign Allied member firms presented the investments’ opportunities and the legal environment in their countries:


On the seminar’s second session the journalist Carlos Alberto Sardenberg gave a lecture about “Brazil and Latin America: Current Situation and Future Perspectives”.

The seminar was held on the Renaissance Hotel in São Paulo on the morning of November 8th.

On the afternoon of November 8th, and on the morning of November 9th, the Allied member firms held, also on the Renaissance Hotel in São Paulo, their third 2012 meeting, to discuss internal issues, the 2013 planning, and a new Ally admission.

The new Ally is the law firm ABÍLIO DINIZ & PONTES PINTO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS,, from Porto Velho, State of Rondônia, and will represent ALAE on the State of Rondônia and also on the State of Acre through its branch in Rio Branco.

With the new law firm ALAE now has 28 Allies, being 22 in Brazil, and 6 in Latin America countries.